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Turning Risks into Rewards

When Things  Go Wrong:

Most organizations can meet their objectives when things are normal.  But what about when things go wrong?    How about when your entire state is impacted by a hurricane and the local municipalities do not have enough resources to respond to procurement and grant timelines to qualify for federal aid?   Or your customers  cannot reach you?  Or when your federal grant has been de-obligated? or when over 1000 structures need to be assessed and estimated after a major disaster declaration?

  • We mobilize our emergency teams within 24 hours to your side
  • We help you get temporary offices and workers
  • We provide an emergency management team to ensure continuity of operations 

Best Risks will help you deal with these risks and provide solutions so that your RISKS are turned into WINS.

Our promise:

We will work by your side, for as long as it takes, and as hard as you do:

  • We will provide experts in forensic accounting to prepare your loss of income package.
  • We will provide engineer and construction consultants to evaluate the damages to your facilities and prepare detailed repair estimates for grants or insurance claims.
  • We provide general adjusters and manage complex claims
  • We assist with  RFPs and  the procurement process to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • We provide monitoring and control of the debris management process post disasters.
  • We provide grant Managements, including submission, compliance, and due diligence.
  • Assessment of infrastructure damages:  Our experts use industry recognized software and estimatics to provide accurate reconstruction costs.
  • We have inventory and contents specialists to document Inventory Claims
  • We are a true Risk Management firm, with licensed risks managers, adjusters, accountant, lawyers and engineers to assist our clients with all their post disaster recoveries.
  • We have provided many pro-bono hours  in helping communities and businesses in the  planning and recovering from major disasters.

We turn "RISK" into rewards and wins by deploying our teams of experts to assist organizations who need extra help before, during and after disasters:

  • Commercial Enterprises: Factories, Hotels, Malls, and  Retailers.
  • State and Municipalities
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Non Profits Organizations
  • Public Non Profits Organizations: Hospitals, religious organizations, schools, libraries, and museums.